Cassidy and Zak

Cassidy and Zak
Cassidy and Zak downtown enjoying a beautiful sunset


Cassidy and Justin at their Junior Prom.  


A Different Kind of Friday Afternoon

This image was taken as I was leaving a photography convention in New York City.  One of the major vendors is a Jewish owned company based in NYC. It seemed as if hundreds of orthodox Jews left work all at once to go home before the Sabbath started.  As I passed the men who were waiting for the bus,  I really wanted to take a picture of them, but I felt a little strange about it for some reason, so I quickly turned around and took "snapped" a picture as without even slowing down. 

Twin Prom Night

I had a lot of fun playing with this image.  It's a picture of my daughter Cassidy and the group that she went to prom with.  I took the girls head and put it on their dates.  I posted on facebook as a joke, some got it, some where confused.


Bride and Groom

I've been making some new actions (recipes) for editing pictures.  This one has a toned down look of yesteryear.  

Still Sweet at Seventeen

Today is my daughter Cassidy's 17th birthday, so I thought it was appropriate to post her portrait on my blog.    Cassidy is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and my life is so much richer because I am blessed enough to be her Mom.