Cassidy and Zak

Cassidy and Zak
Cassidy and Zak downtown enjoying a beautiful sunset


My boy needs some makeup!

When we brought my son home from the hospital, we stopped at Elizabeth’s Pizza with some friends to try and put some weight back on Hunter. He lost 23 pounds in the 9 days while at Cone and is still continuing to loose weight.  His sunken eyes and hollowed cheeks were a constant reminder of all that he had endured.  Cassidy pulled out her concealer and touched up his eyes to put us all a little bit more at ease. 

Sweet Sixteen

My only daughter, Cassidy, celebrated her 16th birthday this month.  If she was the only blessing that I received in this lifetime, it would be enough.  


Little Luke gets stitches

My best friends little boy needed stitches so I drove them to the hospital.  I of course brought my camera and was very excited when I discovered the moveable light in the examination room.  Instant studio light!

Jimmy Williams

Jimmy Williams, a successful commercial photographer came to RCC as a speaker for ASMP.  Emily McNeil and I video taped the event with two video cameras as part of our multi media project.  I was very surprised to learn how complex a photo shoot can be.  It's a big jump from what we are doing now.


The healing continues

Hunter's physical therapist, Wendi, helps him move his fingers.

Wendi  helps Hunter get out of bed and into a chair.

Family friend Chris, from Galax Virginia, uplifts
 Hunter's spirits as he signs "His eye is on the sparrow".
Nurse Stacie gives Hunter a shampoo.
Hunter continues to amaze his doctors, nurses, and therapists.  After spending 3 long days in ICU, he has been moved twice and is now in a regular room where the pace is slower, and the room is void of monitors. An ICU nurse that graduated 6 weeks ago was so excited Hunter was doing well and informed me that he was the first patient that she had that hadn't died. I had to put that thought behind me because he still had 2 days left in her unit!  He walked a total of 60 feet today with only the aid of a walker type device.  I watched with great anticipation, pride, and gratefulness.  It was like watching your baby take his first steps. We have a lot to look forward to and so much to be thankful for, God has truly been good.


"Hunter, meet the street lamp"

I was in downtown Greensboro with classmate Emily working on a multi-media assignment, when I got a phone call that my son Hunter had been in a scooter accident.  He was thrown into the air at 35 mph and hit a street lamp. I raced to Cone where hospital chaplain took me to the family consultation room to report that Hunter had multiple broken bones, but miraculously no head or internal injuries.  He broke his right scapula, right humerus in 3 places, right knee cap, L4 (lower back), ischium (base of pelvis), and left femur. He went into surgery for 9 hours to put a rod in his leg and multiple plates and screws in his arm and elbow.
Hunter was transferred to the step down unit afterwards where he was the life of the party for about 36 hours, but has since been transferred to ICU and put on a Bipac to help with respiratory complications. He has yet to complain about pain, and his only complaint was a nurse that didn't want him to talk.  He said she bringing negative energy to what had otherwise had been a positive experience!
Home Depot is now out of screws.
"Hunter, if you don't wear a shirt, I'm not wearing a shirt" - Monique
I am so thankful that God protected Hunter, when the accident could have been much more tragic. Please pray for a speedy and complete recovery.


UNC-Chapel Hill

Last night I traveled with some classmates and instructor John Rash to  UNC-Chapel Hill to hear husband-wife team Julie Winokur and Ed Kashi speak about their documentaries.  It was the first time I had been to Chapel Hill, and I was amazed by their beautiful campus.  Emily, Caroline, John and I ate at a Mexican restaurant and it was wonderful.  Hope to go to another one soon.