Cassidy and Zak

Cassidy and Zak
Cassidy and Zak downtown enjoying a beautiful sunset


The healing continues

Hunter's physical therapist, Wendi, helps him move his fingers.

Wendi  helps Hunter get out of bed and into a chair.

Family friend Chris, from Galax Virginia, uplifts
 Hunter's spirits as he signs "His eye is on the sparrow".
Nurse Stacie gives Hunter a shampoo.
Hunter continues to amaze his doctors, nurses, and therapists.  After spending 3 long days in ICU, he has been moved twice and is now in a regular room where the pace is slower, and the room is void of monitors. An ICU nurse that graduated 6 weeks ago was so excited Hunter was doing well and informed me that he was the first patient that she had that hadn't died. I had to put that thought behind me because he still had 2 days left in her unit!  He walked a total of 60 feet today with only the aid of a walker type device.  I watched with great anticipation, pride, and gratefulness.  It was like watching your baby take his first steps. We have a lot to look forward to and so much to be thankful for, God has truly been good.

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  1. Good job taking pictures at such a hard time for you and your family. I hope he recovers quick!