Cassidy and Zak

Cassidy and Zak
Cassidy and Zak downtown enjoying a beautiful sunset


Emily's Engagement Portrait

Yesterday, my class was practicing for the mock wedding, and Emily was modeling for me.  I was assigned to take a picture of her reflection in the mirror while my class was looking on.  I think it is a nice option as an engagement portrait.
Shot with a Nikon D700, focal length 92mm, f/4.5, shutter speed 1/25, and lit with off camera flash.

self portrait

Our class assignment was to shoot a self portrait.  I would have preferred to have a more urban look, but due to transportation restraints, I settled for a natural background with a tree. Emily McNeal helped shoot me. I hope to update my photo soon.
Shot with Nikon D700, focal length 180mm, f/6.3, shutter speed 1/125, ISO 200



My youngest son loves to go outside in his camouflage, and practice survivor skills.  Zak  is color blind, and has a hard time seeing the difference between green, red, and brown, so I had a good laugh when he came out of the bathroom last week with part of his face painted bright red.  I blended the paints together and this is how he looked when he went outside to play.
Shot with Nikon D700, 70-300 lens, f/5.6, 1/40 shutter speed, natural light.


Last year at a convention, I took a class by a very successful photographer and he mentioned that he was known for how eyes looked in the portraits that he took of others, but he would not tell us his secret.  Well, today we learned about lightroom and some of the tools it offers, and wondered if I could make Cassidy's already beautiful eyes pop.  I must admit, I feel a little guilty editing my already gorgeous 16 year old, but I think I'm getting close to learning his secret.  Tell me what you think.
Shot with Nikon D700, 70-300 lens, f/5.6, 1/200 shutter speed, natural lighting.


Sir, there's a toilet in your tree.

After a constant stream of 90 degree plus temperatures that we had most of the summer, it was a nice break to get out and walk in 70 degree weather.  As I was walking along Aycock Street, something strange caught my eye.  I had traveled this street hundreds of times, but only by walking did I catch this unusual sight - a toilet perched in a beautiful magnolia tree in the front yard just feet from the sidewalk. Hmmmm.


RCC Field Trip

My portrait class went on a field today to practice taking wedding pictures.  After we left Ashley's church we went outside and Emily McNeal took  this class picture.